Welcome to P-Pup Nation

Meet and join the Personality Pups on their adventures in PuppyVille. Connect with the Pup that matches your own personality and collect your favorites.

Welcome to P-Pup Nation

Meet and join the Personality Pups on their adventures in PuppyVille. Connect with the Pup that matches your own personality and collect your favorites.

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Who is P-Pup Nation?


The P-Pup Nation is a digital NFT collection of our 12 Personality Pups. There are 12,000 digital art NFT's, limited to a 1,000 NFTs for each Pup, for the Ethereum Blockchain. Each one carefully curated with its own name and unique personality; from Happy to Shy, Energetic to Cool or Artistic to Smart. Join the Personality Pups on their adventures and connect with the Pup that matches your own personality.

Dropping via Opensea on November 12th, 2021

Our Origin Story


The world was full of magic. Every person was born with at least a drop of magic within them, but some had more powers than others--such as the 3 Masters of the Gift. They are the gift of Heart, Will, and Animation. The Master of Heart resides in Mount Sanqing, China that is shrouded in mist for most of the year. The Master of Will, resides in the red burning water of Lake Natron, Tanzania. Then finally, the Master of Animation, who lives within the Ice caves of the Apostle Islands, in Wisconsin.

The 3 masters used their combine magic of heart, will & animation to create the blessing of life. With this blessing, they used their powers to make origami puppies into real puppies overflowing with magic. But as time went by, the world needed more and more of the masters gifts, so they gave the world their gifts in the form of 12 personality pups. Master Heart decided to give the world: shy, cool, good & loving pups. Master Will gave the world: the fighter, laid back, leader & smart pups. Master Animation decided he wanted to gift the world: happy, energetic, grumpy & artistic pups. These pups had special abilities and could assist the world.

Years after the Personality Pups era started, the world is still being helped by these little creatures. However, in a faraway place, an evil guy hatched up a plan to take the masters gifts for himself. Using a spell from the book of good & evil, he used the cure of corruption to corrupt the Pups to unknowingly steal people’s magic and ultimately provide him with more. As the Pups absorbed people’s magic, people started to loose their color & shine.

After gaining power, the evil guy went to Master Animation’s temple with his followers, and there was a showdown. In the middle of the battle, the two other Masters showed up and together they defeated the evil guy and his reapers. The three Masters then decided that just like themselves, the Pups were too powerful and had to be kept safe and secret. They locked the evil guy on Forbidden Mountain and took the Pups to an island. They made everyone forget about the Pups. So the Pups decided to leave the island and restarted their lives in a new world called PuppyVille


The Personality Pups brand consists of 12 Pups with unique Personalities.  The brand has many parts to it from; books to animations to educational tools and resources all for children, parents and teachers.  Our team have been working over the years and we are now relaunching and offering early adopters a chance to benefit from our success with our NFT collection.

The Pups


The Pups live in PuppyVille but they are being collected all over the world. Visit PuppyVille and explore the amazing world of the Personality Pups.

'What's your Personality?'


Join P-Pup Nation and pick the pup that best matches your own personality.

























The P-Pup Nation NFTs


Our P-Pup Nation NFTs are more than a digital picture. It is a chance to own a part of our growing brand, 'The Personality Pups'.

Our brand is launching a series of animations via an online streaming service. We have books ready to launch and a collections of singles and our first album being mastered ready for launch.

Owning an NFT from the P-Pup Nation is more than owning a cool piece of art. These are what you can expect when you invest in a P-Pup Nation NFT.

The Originals are our main P-Pup Nation NFT collection.
Including 1,000 NFTs per each 12 Pups. Choose your favorite Pup

Dropping November 12th, 2021

*Earn Royalties if your NFT is used, randomly selected NFTs will be chosen.

P-Pup Nation FREE NFT Raffle


Our team want as many people to be able to access a piece of the Pups so we have decided to run an NFT raffle alongside our presale.
13 limited edition animated NFTs are up for grabs
Every entry has the chance to win a animated NFT. We have 12 character based NFTs and super rare P-Pup Nation Group NFT for the lucky winners. EVERY entry recieves some benefits too. Get involved and own a piece of the P-Pup Nation and Personality Pups.

Our FREE TO ENTER NFT Raffle ends in...





Our Roadmap


Understand how the P-Pup brand is launching and what happens after our NFTs drop this November.

Supporter Lucky Dip NFT PRESALE

Get in early and own a P-Pup Nation NFT. We have 1,200 up for grabs for only $300 each. When they’re gone they’re gone!

Oct 25th, 2021 (6 DAYS ONLY!)

P-Pup NFT Raffle

Purchase a P-Pup Nation raffle entry to win one of 13 limited edition animated NFTs. Limited edition image and more for every entry.

Oct 25th, 2021 for 1 week only!

The Originals NFT DROP

P-Pup Nation’s digital collection of 12,000 art pieces, 1,000 per Pup, is launched onto the Blockchain via Opensea.

November 12th, 2021

2,500 Pups

Every pup owner will be entered into a “Sweepstake” and five (5) smart owners will get a one of-a-kind exclusive pup from our upcoming “P-Pup Rare Collection”

5,000 Pups

$50,000 donation fund will be established to donate to a charity that best aligns with the P-Pup Nation mission. Our Pup owner community will decide which charity.

12,000 Pups

Establish a $100,000 community benefits fund that provides funding to underserved communities. These grant funds will support the creation, design and development of new digital assets that our P-Pup Nation community values.

2022 Worldwide Launch

The P-Pup Nation & Personality Pups are utilizing the NFTs as the pre-launch of the worldwide relaunch of the Childrens brand. In 2022 you will see animations, books, music and more released on a regular basis as a result of our NFT launch.

What else?

The Pup Nation NFT's are just the start. We are creating a whole P-Pup world with so many things to come with our worldwide launch in 2022.

To give you a little teaser...we are in production of the animated series and we also have music singles and an album near completion too. Shh don't tell anyone!

Animated Series

P-Pup Nation is developing an animated YouTube Series, featuring the Pups.  You will receive a percentage of the Ad Revenue if your Pup is used in any of the episodes.  We plan to utilize many of the Pups in future episodes.


P-Pup Nation has already created Merchandise to build awareness of our Pups.  T-shirts, Hoodies, Toys and much more.  You will receive a percentage of the profits, if your Pup is used on any of the P-Pup Nation items.

P-Pup Nation Mobile Game

P-Pup Nation will release a new NFT mobile game app.  You will receive a percentage of the profits, if your pup is used in the game.  Our plan is to utilize many pups in the game, with the possibility of using your NFTs too.

Social Media Platform

P-Pup Nation will be developing a social media platform, made up of 12 communities.  These will be based on the 12 unique personalities.  Join a community where you feel comfortable sharing similar experiences, interests and stories.

P-Pup Nation NFTs are more than Digital Art, it's chance to be a part of our brand, share in our success



Most frequent questions and answers


The P-Pup Nation is a digital collection of 12,000 digital art NFT's for the Ethereum Blockchain. Each one carefully curated with its own name and unique personality; from Happy to Shy, Energetic to Cool or Artistic to Smart. Collect your favorites or why not go for the whole 12 Pups?


The P-Pup Nation is the initial launch of the Personality Pups into the world. Launching a collection of NFTs will enable us to offer collectors the ability to own a piece of our brand ahead of our worldwide launch in 2022. Our team have been working really hard to develop the characters and content ready to share. Funds generated will help us to accelerate in our creation and help children understand values, personalities and generate self-esteem across the world. Our vision is to offer so much through entertainment and education via our online platforms, apps and more. Our brand is growing and increasing in value as well as regular product launches so we anticipate our NFT range will remain valuable and increase over time.


Each P-Pup has been constructed algorithmically by mixing a variety of properties with different possibilities in the following categories: Background, Clothing, Eyes, Eyewear, Mouth, and Hat.


Each P-Pup Nation token ID is assigned to an artwork image from the initial sequence with this formula (token ID + starting index) % 12000 -> Initial Sequence Index.


We are currently in full production of our animated series. Once all of the Pups have been minted, Dot will release the first animated video ahead of our worldwide relaunch in 2022.


We are looking forward to developing a new NFT mobile game app, in which you will have a unique opportunity & exclusive chance to be part of something new and exciting. Our plan is to utilize many of the Pups on the gaming platform.


Yes, each Pup is unique and there are no duplicates. Dot has made sure that each Pup is different by cross-referencing them using a special algorithm.

Image for illustration purpose only, final product may differ slightly

$119.99 +shipping

Want to support the P-Pups? Then why not buy a Merch Pack and we will give you a FREE T-shirt with your NFT on it. If you don’t have an NFT we will add your favorite Pup instead.

Black or White Available

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