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Welcome to PuppyVille

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Welcome to PuppyVille
Welcome to PuppyVille Boring Metropolis Socialite City Puppyville Winter Woods DP (District of Puplandia) Doggie Town Amusement Park City Tiki Island Ninja Mountains Giro Town Trinidog & Tadogo

Welcome to PuppyVille

Boring Metropolis

Boring Metropolis is a town where Pups work in offices all dressed in suits.  There are many tall buildings and everything is a dull gray color.


  • Laura Love
  • Twitch

Socialite City

Socialite City is where Pups go to have fun and eat out. There are different clubs that play music and have shows. There are also many restaurants that sell all types of different food.


Puppyville is the center of the whole island.  It is home to the Pup Academy where all the Pups come to go to school and learn.  There are lots of places to play and meet up with friends.


  • Super-Pup
  • Lily
  • Zad
  • Damien
  • Pierre

Winter Woods

In the Winter Woods it is Winter all the time.  It snows all year round.  There are different hills that the Pups go and use toboggans as well as have snowball fights..

DP (District of Puplandia)

The District of Puplandia is where the government are based. They make all the laws and rules that Pups of PuppyVille have to follow.

Doggie Town

Doggie Town is a small country town just outside of Puppyville.

It is a quiet town with lots of open spaces to run and play.


  • DOT
  • Raven

Amusement Park City

Amusement Park City is a medium size city that has been built around an Amusement Park. It all started with a single ride, the roller-coaster. The city has grown with rides built everywhere. They go through shops, over buildings and you will find every ride you can think of.

Tiki Island

Tiki Island is a mid-sized reservation or area of land set aside for occupation by native american pups. Every year, the pups visit Tiki Island to pay their respects and reconnect with their inner selves.

Ninja Mountains

Ninja Mountains is a large area with very little houses or buildings.  Deep in the mountains you will find a small village of simple buildings that look similar to those found in Japan.  Pups go here to meditate, train and be at peace.  In the center you will find the Pup Dojo, which is the centre of everything in Ninja Mountains.


  • Aleksander

Giro Town

Giro Town is home to the creators of PuppyVille.  You will find workshops, warehouses, laboratories and creators of all types.  All technology and inventions come from Giro Town.


  • Giro 'Gadget' III

Trinidog & Tadogo

Trinidog & Tadogo is a small island just off the coast.  It is calm and colorful all over, there are golden sandy beaches all around.  There are always bonfires on the beach in the evening.


Damien (Born here)