Meet the Pups here and learn about their personalities and who they are.

Identify which personality matches you and find out all about your chosen pup. You might find you identify with more than one Pup, this is ok. So your journey begins here, let’s learn, make, play and more with the Personality Pups.

Aleksander (Fighter)

Say hello to Aleksander, the Fighter. Aleksander was born and raised in a place that is reserved for martial arts training, called a dojo. Throughout history warriors of all cultures have sought to improve on their abilities to resolve the physical scars of battle. It was natural that their training efforts and the strengthening of one’s mind held great appeal to the warrior class. Aleksander is considered the greatest warrior in all of Ninja Mountain. So join him in the center of all the action, which is called Pup Dojo.

Angel (Goodness)

Meet Angel, the pup who is known for Goodness. She has white wings that only appear when she needs them to help someone else. Angel’s favorite food is “Angel Cake” and her favorite thing to do is to help other people. So ride along with Angel as she flies all around Puppyville & Doggie Town to see who else she can help.

Damien (Laid-Back)

Say “Ya Mon” to Damien, the Laid Back pup who was born on the island of Trinidog and Todogo.  His laid back personality is what makes him so appealing. Damien enjoys spending quality time with his friends and his favorite food is “Cheeseburger”.  Come hang out with Damien and I’m sure he won’t mind taking you and your family with him on vacation to Trinidog and Todogo, where you can enjoy the beautiful beaches, music, carnival and yummy foods.  Lots of fun!!!

Dot (Happy)

Please send a big hello to Dot, the Happy pup. He was born in Doggie Town, which is a small town right outside of Puppyville. Every day is a great day, because Dot is “Happy All the Time” He really enjoys being around his friends, while playing and laughing. His favorite food is “Pizza”. Come on and sing along with Dot and be happy all day long.

Gadget (Smart)

Please give a big salute to Gadget, the Smart pup. Gadget lives in Giro Town, a place where all the modern day inventions are made. It is full of smart pups with plenty of cool things to do and see. Garget also teaches at the P-Pup Academy. Follow Gadget at the academy, so he can teach you how to be as smart as he is. He will show you how to have fun and learn all at the same time. Let’s go!!!

Laura Love (Loving)

Meet the lovely Laura Love, who is known as the Loving pup. She is always expressing love in everything she does and says. Laura loves to give hugs. She loves the color “pink” and her favorite food is “Candy”, of all things. Laura lives in a place called Boring Metropolis, a place where love is unheard of, however Laura brings love to everyone there.

Lily (Shy)

Meet Lily, the piano 🎹 prodigy and the “Shy” pup. Lily is quite bashful and very uncomfortable around other people, however because of her great talent of playing the piano, that makes her feel better about herself. Lily is able to bring joy to others through her music. She is very thankful for the awesome gift she has by focusing her shyness on pleasing others instead of pleasing herself. Her favorite food is “Fruit” and her favorite thing to do is to hang out in quiet places.

Pierre (Artistic)

Say hello to Pup Pierre, the artistic 🎨 pup, who loves to draw, color and paint. Pierre is his name, painting is his game and he loves the colors of the rainbow. With the stroke of his brush, he can paint a garden lush. Pierre is the Picasso of his day, at least that’s what they say. He’s an artist with a flare, multi colors in his hair and you can call him a genius if you dare. He’s Pup Pierre. His favorite food is “Salad” and he likes to create new paintings.

Raven (Grumpy)

Please welcome Raven, the “Grumpy” pup. Raven was born in Doggie Town, a place where lots of the pups love to hang out and play games. Raven is known for being a little grouchy at times but always seems to cheer up when her younger brother Dot is around. Raven’s favorite food is “Liver” and her favorite type of music to listen 🎶 to is Rock.

Super Pup (Leader)

Say hello to the P-Pups favorite hero, Super Pup. He is the “Leader” pup. Super Pup loves to fly around patrolling the city, looking for any signs of trouble or just people he can help. His favorite food is vegetables and his favorite type of music to listen 🎶 to is Disco.

Twitch (Energetic)

Meet Twitch, the “Energetic” pup. Twitch was born in a place called Boring Metropolis. This is a place where most of the pups that live there are very business minded and very serious. Twitch on the other hand is an extremely energetic pup with lots of energy. He loves the amusement park and gets on all the roller coaster rides. His favorite food is anything cooked with “Curry” and his favorite music to listen 🎶 to is a good Dance track!

Zad (Cool)

Say “What’s Up” to Zad, the really “Cool” pup.  Zad is the coolest pup in Puppyville and you will always see him with a pair of cool sunglasses 🕶 everyday.  His favorite food is “Ice Pops or Popsicles” and his most favorite music 🎶 to listen to is Rap.